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Finding Hope, a sobriety video created by a board certified psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor with decades of experience in helping people cope with chemical dependency, is a recovery tool that can be utilized by individuals, families, clinics, treatment programs, and the like. Watching from the comfort and safety of home, anyone can witness addiction counseling and become informed about substance abuse treatment.

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Copyright 2007-2008 Sobriety Today.All Rights Reserved. PG - Practical Guidance for Life Application - Sobriety video (DCD) on overcoming addiction by licensed professional counselor. Learn how to cope with chemical dependency. Witness drug and alcohol counseling. Become informed about substance abuse treatment. Discover: what addiction counseling/therapy is like, what is addiction "help", how to quit drinking and stop taking drugs, how rehab and treatment programs work... Go to Shopping Cart to buy the sobriety video "Finding Hope" for drug and alcohol addiction help