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Sobriety Video Segments

Finding Hope is a sobriety video created by a board certified psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor. The DVD is broken into three segments, to be used as drug and alcohol addiction recovery tools by individuals, families, clinics, treatment programs and the like. It helps those suffering from chemical dependency understand themselves better, learn how to cope with and overcome addiction, and explore the various methods of substance abuse treatment from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Watching another's drug and alcohol counseling, one shares an emotionally powerful and rewarding journey from dependency to recovery, where the obstacle of fear is removed, and "help" and hope are found!

The three sections include; Part One: Finding Ourselves, Part Two: Finding a Solution, and Part Three: Finding Help.

Finding Ourselves

Part One: Finding Ourselves

In part one of the video answers are explored to the following questions:

  • How do I know if I have an alcohol or drug problem?
  • What behaviors might I exhibit that suggest my life is being disrupted by alcohol or drugs?
  • Is it possible to change my behavior?
  • What is denial, and how might I be using it without even knowing I am?
  • How big does the problem have to become before I do something about it?
  • When do most people seek addiction help?
Finding A Solution for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Part Two: Finding a Solution

Part two deals with understanding what addiction “help” really means. This is a term we use so liberally, but to a person suffering from chemical dependency, “help” is just a word. This section explains the skills that must be learned in order to effectively confront life on its own terms. Through discussion and testimony, it demonstrates the value of skill development. This part answers the following questions:

  • What is the difference between an abuser of alcohol or drugs and an addict or alcoholic?
  • Exactly what is addiction?
  • The concept of chemical dependency as a disease.
  • The Better Solution – finding ways to change behavior and depend self rather than alcohol or drugs.
Finding Help for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Part Three: Finding Help

Part three delves into all the various levels of addiction rehab and treatment programs. For any of us, going into a new setting for any reason is frightening - a new job, new school, new church, hospital, doctor's office. Imagine the fear feltl when talking about going to a counselor's office, a residential alcohol or drug treatment center, an outpatient treatment program or worst of all - a Twelve Step meeting! With the help of many friends and a cast of willing actors and actresses, we have demonstrated how each of these methods works. Fear is removed and the value of the experience becomes evident. Anxiety is replaced with healthy anticipation.

This sobriety video segment explains the role and purpose of each addiction treatment program and why they have great value in helping to achieve the overall goal - a life FREE of alcohol or drugs - one that is Happy and Joyous!


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